a magical reunion

You know those people in your life that no matter where you are, no matter what you’re doing, everything just works out effortlessly perfect? Because I do and the time I spend with Dalton never fails to be the least stressful, most enjoyable time I could imagine.
This past week I was over the moon when Dalton got to visit me in my new home at Walt Disney World.

The story behind our ears |
As I mentioned before, whenever Dalton and I are together life just works out perfectly and surprises us. Whether its getting front row at the Selena concert, even though we didn’t wait hours before doors opened, or in this case a complete stranger randomly buying us Mickey & Minnie hats. Prior to Dalton arriving I knew I wanted to do a cute mini photoshoot and create a video at Magic Kingdom to celebrate our early 1 year friendiversary. So when Dalton & I were visiting my friend Ellie at Mousegears in Epcot we decided it would be cute if we both coordinated outfits and potentially wore something disney for the shoot. While looking in the hat section debating on wether we should go ahead and purchase these ears a lady walked by as I was trying on the hat (pictured) and proceeded to ask me “Is that the hat you wanted?”. Confused, I looked at her and told her I didn’t have cash to pay her back, because I assumed she was going to buy it because she overheard me asking Ellie about discounts and she may have been a cast member. She then told me “Thats not what I asked you…” as she took the hat off my head and walked to the register. She also in the process grabbed the ears from Dalton and placed them on the counter as well. We were both just standing there in awe as this complete stranger insisted she bought us these ears and swiped her card for about $80 worth of merchandise, $50 of that for our hats. All I could do was continually tell her that she didn’t have to buy us anything and repeatedly thank her again and again. I swear she was the fairy godmother in the flesh, she looked at us both and said “I can tell, you two are very special people and special people deserve disney magic.” I’ve seen those ‘Pay it Forward’ videos on Facebook of people in Starbucks and McDonalds drive threw lines and throughout my year of working for Walt Disney World I have given my fair share of ‘magical moments’, but I have never personally had anything like this ever happen to me before. I am forever grateful that people like Debbie (that was her name, I asked) exist in this sometimes chaotic and cruel world. 99.999% of the time all it takes is a completely random act of kindness to make someones day, in some cases someones year. For us, it was a pair of mickey ears and being called special to make our time together even more memorable and to inspire us to live like Debbie, our hat granting fairy god mother.

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