more about rachel


  I’ve had a fascination with visual storytelling ever since I could remember. Growing up, I would daydream about traveling the world. Just a girl and her camera proving that a life of intentional creation and connection was possible. One of my biggest dreams being to coexist with and document sharks, in hope to bridge the gap of misinformation and misinterpretation of these beautiful creatures vital to our planet. Unfortunately, due to the societal pressures placed on students, I was consistently convinced that a career fulfilling those passions was unrealistic and unstable, therefore it wasn’t a viable option. After a year of college, trying to do what was expected of me, I found myself depressed and lacking direction. I decided to throw society’s expectations to the side and begin to create a life of purpose and passion. I had no idea how I was going to support myself or make this happen, but I believed if I knew my ‘why’ the ‘how’ would soon reveal itself. The goal is to live a more intentional existence of consciousness. I hope the message conveyed throughout my body of art is that small doesn’t have to equivalent insignificant. Every one of us is significant, but we’re small enough to hopefully recognize that we are meant to not only coexist, but to nurture the planet and everything that inhabits it. When you genuinely and passionately care about others, the environment and animals, you realize there is more to this human experience. When you spend your energy adding value to something bigger than yourself, you too will be taken care of.  I strive to use my platforms as a place for authentic self expression but also as a space to bring awareness and light to things I’m passionate about, completely outside of myself that deserve more recognition. I want everyone whom I encounter or anyone that decides to follow along my journey to know that they too can live a fulfilling life of intention as long as they’re willing to push the limits and live outside of their comfort zones.