treehouse livin’

“life is short and the world is wide”
-Simon Raven

If you would’ve told me two months ago that today I would be lounging in a chair at a hostel in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic I would have laughed in your face. Yet, here I am. Alone, curious and still in awe that this is real life.
Some of you may be wondering how the hell I got here and what I plan on doing in the Dominican Republic for two months. It was almost a year ago when I got lunch with an old friend from high school. As her and I were catching up, she started telling me about her experiences within her study abroad program in Australia. Since I dropped out of college I thought there was no way I could easily travel like that without needing to save a ton of money, find a place to stay/eat, etc. But to my surprise she introduced me to the website and my perspective on travel completely changed. Essentially, Worldpackers is a site to connect hostels/hotels/resorts whom are in the need of people with specific skills to help better promote or run their business with people like me who are in desperate need for an adventure outside of their homeland. Although, I was intrigued by the opportunities this site offered I had prior obligations to my full-time job as an assistant manager at PacSun.
Fast forward to this past April, I had completely switched jobs to better set myself up to eventually turn my passion for photography and cinematography into my full-time job. I would bust my ass serving tables and then jet off to Orlando any chance I could to do photo/video work. Eventually, I figured it was about time I permanently resided in Orlando, Florida. And that was the plan, September 1st I was moving back to Orlando. But as weeks went on and I was prepping for the move I felt something holding me back. I still wanted to get out of Charleston and focus solely on my passions but I started noticing how “free” I truly was. There are rarely EVER times in life where you have no obligations to anyone or anything. But here I was, no boyfriend, no rent, working somewhere essentially disposable to me and no true sense of “belonging”. The only thing that made me feel alive and gave me purpose was the work I did behind my camera, but for some odd reason I always put it second to everything else. The Worldpackers concept started to creep back into my mind. Next thing I knew I was Skype interviewing with a guy in the Dominican Republic for a photo/video/social media position at a Treehouse Village Lodge.
And I got it. co1fzrzxyaa4wny

That was it, I was moving to a foreign country, camera in hand to finally ONLY do what I live for, creating visuals. I invite you to follow along with me on this journey as I will be consistently posting content as much as wifi is willing. Passion over everything.



  • Melanie
    3 years ago

    You’re life will become the springboard for many people. So proud to have known you so long and see you pushing away from the shore with passion, fearlessness and wisdom – so young and yet so old. Thank you for sharing your life with the many people who are looking for the answer to their question. “Who am I. Where am I.? Their journey may be different but you will given them the courage to take that first step. Fair winds & following seas.

  • Krystal
    3 years ago

    This is so awesome Rachel! I look forward to reading all of your adventures. I could tell when I met you that you are bound to do great things. I hope this experience is everything you hope it will be and so much more!! Congrats!

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