treehouses to castles- finding home

From two months living treehouse to treehouse in the dominican jungle- to three months of literally crashing on a friends couch (thank you Alexia) and spending the beginning of 2016 essentially out of a suitcase due to the countless trips I took, this week I can finally settle into a new place to call home.

When I returned to South Carolina in May of 2015 after the closure of my chapter on the Disney College Program, the place I once always called home suddenly stopped feeling like somewhere I genuinely belonged. Although, Charleston was the location of my parents and some of my closest friends, I found that once I challenged myself to live outside my comfort zone and create a life beyond the town I grew up in, everything changed. This feeling of uncertainty heightened the moment I dropped out of college. I began to feel a way I struggle to even put into comprehendible sentences, a feeling I had certainly never experienced before. It was almost like I was free floating, ultimately being forced to face the, in my opinion, most terrifying question of all, ‘What am I living for?’. This just got heavy, I know, bear with me. The conveyor belt of life according to societal expectations didn’t leave room for people to essentially be faced with that overwhelmingly scary question. Why would anyone even have to second guess what they’re living for when we’re bred from a young age to strive for the path of college to a 9-5 career whilst searching for your soulmate and ultimately raising a family to put back into that cycle. Truth be told this didn’t leave me with anyone to genuinely relate to, all of my friends we’re still in college, many with serious relationships and many strings, or what have you to tie them to their current location. Me on the other hand, out of school, single and above all desperately yearning for that answer to the question hovering in my mind at all times, what am I living for?

Increasingly over the past few years a common theme in my life has been ‘passion over everything’. Personally, I believe if you’re not living a life doing the things you’re passionate about you’re ultimately wasting away. By no means am I suggesting you have to be passionate about the same things as I am-quite frankly I admire nothing more than connecting with people who are over the moon about things I haven’t even thought twice about. And if you’re one of those passionate about a 9-5 corporate job, then power to you, I support that whole heartedly.

At the end of 2015 I came to the realization that Charleston wasn’t the place that propelled me to follow my passions. Even though we’re encouraged to not allow our location to be a valid excuse for stagnant progress with our goals; it’s undeniable that where we live and who we surround ourselves with surely has a significant impact on our motivation levels. Recognizing this about my living situation left me at the beginning of 2016 with the ultimate task of finding out where I genuinely felt pushed to be the most healthy, creative and happiest version of myself.

Fast forward a year later and I wake up everyday in complete bliss. Although living on a couch for the past three months wasn’t exactly ideal and definitely challenged me, moving to Orlando, Florida immediately after my return from my two month trip in the Dominican Republic was the best decision I could’ve made for myself. I went from consistently living for planning future vacations to creating a life I don’t need to take a vacation from and to me thats the ultimate goal. I’m eager to take you guys on this journey with me and share the ins and outs for creating a life that encourages you daily to be the healthiest, happiest most passionate version of yourself.


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